Recent trip to DC

Discussion created by nuhusker on Jun 24, 2012
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Left home via car for the two day drive to DC.  Combination work, pleasure, and civic duty.  Spent first night at RI in Dayton, just off of I-75 just south of I-70.  Clean, decent breakfast, staff weren't anything to brag about, but new GM seems motivated to get things into shape.  Spent next 5 nights at Fairview Park Marriott.  Upgraded to concierge level larger room with HUGE balcony...big enough for a party although I didn't have one.  Only 3 or 4 rooms in this hotel have balconies so I felt fortunate.  Got comp breakfast buffet on both weekend days, and the concierge lounge is decent both morning and evening.  Staff was the friendliest I ever remember them being.  Very nice stay in one of my favorite Marriotts.  Caught the hotel shuttle to the metro stop and rode the metro to DC for work.  Very convienent.  Oh, and no charge for parking at the Fairview Marriott.  When work was done, I took an afternoon to visit some wounded heroes at Bethesda Naval Hospital.  These heroes are doing things with their recovery that I don't know if I had the heart to do when I spent my time, twice, recovering.  I think I do them some good by giving them my thanks and listening to them and their plans for the future.  I come away from there every time inspired to look for opportunites to  do something good for somebody.  These guys and gals are amazing!  On my way to the hospital, I stopped off for a pre-arranged meeting at Marriott HQ with michellel, Andy, and their big cheese, Rick.  All very cool, and very real folks.  Great visit, and I'm convinced that they do their job for us!  They were extremely hospitable, and it was my great pleasure to meet each of them!  Left DC and spent two nights at the FFI RDU Brier Creek.  Great hotel.  Still kind of new I think.  At least it has that feel both physically and from the staff.  Upgraded to a very nice two room suite.  Nicely furnished, modern look, comfortable bed...all in all very  nice stay.  Last night on the road was at the Marriott BNA.  Again, comp breakfast buffett for wife and I.  I think it's one of the best furnished buffets I seen.  And we also ate supper in the dining room...their Marriott burger lived up to my very high hamburger expectations.  Good to be home in my own bed toight, but we saw a lot of our great country...what a beautiful place.  Probably even passed thru where some insiders live.  Lucky folks to be able to call such beautiful landscape home.  No more trips for a while.  Like our friend steppingstones, I will be undergoing eye surgery over the next month or two.  Home sounds like a nice place to recouperate.  Happy travels to everyone.