Las Vegas Grand Chateau

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I just returned from a week in Vegas. Since I brought my family with me on a business trip, this was the perfect place to check into because we needed space and I didn't want to pay for two hotel rooms.


This Vacation Club property is a worthwhile destination. The "villas" are spacious and modern, but definitely lack an upscale look and feel. The decor is typical of just about every other Vacation Club property out there in a city where opulence and style take center stage. One area that surely was lacking were the bathrooms. Even though they had the usual Jacuzzi, the decor of the bathrooms were extremely ordinary, even plain. One would expect classy wallpaper but this property had painted knock-down walls. One great thing about the bathroom was the shower, which had two heads mounted on opposing walls with lots and lots of pressure.


The living room and kitchen area were fine, if not a bit tight. But the most shocking aspect was the rooftop pool, which was tiny - and I mean small, really small. While it's true that the architects had limited space to work with, they could have done a lot better job with what they have.


Parking is free but through valet, so waiting up to 15 minutes at peak times is not unusual.


It's located on Harmon, one block off of the strip by the new City Center, so that translates into a phenomenal location.


The staff were great and the front /concierge desks were excellent and friendly.


My stay was very comfortable and I got a good rate, but I was extremely disappointed that they placed me on the 6th floor, in a building that had over 30. Once again my Platinum status meant nothing. Every time I got into the elevator and someone pushed a high floor, I meekly pressed 6.