horrendous experience in "NEW" AC Ambassadeur ,Juan Les Pins

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I would like to respond and give a
feedback to my stay in Ambassadeur ,Juan les Pins,France.


When i booked this hotel it was on
Marriott site as a Renaissance Hotel.When i arrived, on the reception
i was told, that they are AC and no welcome arrival gift for Platinum


Because i arrived late evening, i
wanted to order something to eat-no 24 hours room service in that
hotel!Mini Bar was not filled and in the evening was even not
possible to get a bottle of WATER!!


Also another MAIN problem, HOW Marriott
can choose such hotel to wear the Marriott name, if 80% of stuff
doesn't understand, and don't speak ENGLISH!!( incl.Housekeeping,


It was difficult to explain
Houskeeping- not to put my CLEAN clothes on the floor!To take
rubbish.Not to pack my toilletries every day back to my etui!And most
importand thing -to close the door after cleaning!( it was open every
second day!)Due to my work i had to print out the documents-was also
not possible, because on only one computer in this hotel you have to
pay in advance 30 minutes with credit card( it was not possible to
put on my room account) Another point- swimming pool.No bar, no
towels,pool was so dirty inside that noone wanted to swim!As i asked
, why is such condition- answer was (in the end of June!)-IT IS not a
season!it will be cleaned beginning of july....No words!


As you advirtise that hotel to feel
like at home- NO(!) i felt myself more unwelcomed, waitting to leave
as soon as possible.Even the fron desk manager couldn't help me, was
uncompetent and really unfriendly!


I undertand the stress of renovations,
i accept broken and dirty elevators, i accept the poorest breakfast i
saw in all hotels of the worl( paying 5 euros to order the HOT boiled
egg!).But I never gonna accept to enetr the Marriott chain Hotel, and
to feel to be unwelcomed!! It is really hearts!



By the way i still din't get my points
for my stay!