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Identity theft - Chase Bank can't my protect Marriott Rewards credit card data

Question asked by keithv on Jun 11, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2014 by melissa7268

I'm waiting on my fourth Marriott Rewards card in two months.  I've had my identity stolen on each new credit card (each with a new number) I've received.


I spent an unproductive 30 minutes on the phone Saturday night with a Chase rep when contacted and notified yet again that my credit card information has been stolen.  Their response is simply to send a new card and start the process again.  Their solution to the problem? "Be careful where you use your credit card."  So now I've got to do a background check at every grocery store and restaurant where I use my card?  


Each time this happens I've got to update my insurance, utilities, my Netflix and Groupon accounts, etc, which are auto-paid from my credit card account.  Jusr recently I received a cancellation notice on my car insurance because the payment crossed over a period when my credit card was stopped for fraudulent billing.  Last month, I had one of my Marriott Rewards Visa cards stopped while we were on vacation.  In case it isn't evident, I've had enough of Chase, and the Marriott Rewards Visa.


Has anyone else recently had problems with identity theft on their Marriott Rewards Visa?