AC Aitana- Stay away

Discussion created by mojo1992 on Jun 11, 2012

As a guest of a hotel I would think
that informing the guest of a protest march would be a priority, but at the AC
Aitana hotel.  I was a quest at this
hotel recently when there was a scheduled union worker protest.  I double checked with the hotel front desk clerk
on directions to the city tour before I left the hotel my first morning in
Madrid. She verified that I had the right location and directions; I walked out
the door and went two blocks and ran right into the start of the protest march.
I turned around and walked back into the
hotel and asked the same person what was going on outside, and she said “Oh it’s
just a union protesting; maybe this isn’t the best day for you to catch the
tour bus.”   I asked if she knew about the protest before I
left the hotel 10 minutes again and she said yes. After the protest became
louder and I saw police arresting protesters, I even heard gun shots, I called
down starts to be sure we were safe. The people on the other end of the phone
said that I was very safe and that I could even go outside and catch the tour
bus if I wanted to.



I checked out of my hotel early,
and they let me know that they could not give me back my points… my safety is
worth more than points!