Marriott Rome Park...Really??

Discussion created by mojo1992 on Jun 11, 2012
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Marriott Rome Park



5€ to bring a soda back to my room from the executive lounge

The outdoor pool closes at 7pm,but if you want to swim inside it will be 10€


As a Platinum Premier member I was shocked to hear of these “rules” at the Marriott Rome Park in Rome Italy.

After staying at a subpar Marriott Milano without a pool, I was truly looking forward to enjoying the pool in the evening but
this is now only available at a fee of 10€ .  Then I went to the executive lounge to get a
soda and the attendant says that it will cost me 5€ to take it back to my room.



I have one more hotel to visit here
in Italy…hoping that I will have a better experience in Naples.



Disappointed in Italy!