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Courtyard Ocean City, Md.....Really?

Question asked by mgeez on Jun 11, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2016 by erc

We stayed at the Courtyard Ocean City, Md. 2 years ago on a level 5 free stay cert. We had a very bad experience but, as always, the manager made it "right" and we decided to NOT make it the 1st Marriott brand to never visit again. I checked the website several months ago, looking for a room for this past weekend airshow, and noticed Marriott raised the rating to a level 7. Come on. Really? There is no way this Courtyard  will ever compare to even some of the level 5's at the Florida beachs, let alone the level 6's like Marco Island or Harbor beach in Lauderdale! I stay exclusively at Marriott or Marriot brand hotels always and other than NYC, I have never seen a misrepressented rating such as this one.I understand the demand for Ocean City in the summer months, but to maintain the level rating in the off season is a joke. Do others feel the same as I do?