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Need Help w/ Flight and Hotel Package Understanding

Question asked by painedplatinum on Jun 5, 2012
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Flight and Hotel Packages | Marriott Hotel Packages



The link above is to the Flight and Hotel packages page on


I used one of these type packages a long long time ago. At the time, I received 7 nights, 2 roundtrip tix, and 50% off rental car. I forget the total points back then , but somewhere around 120,000.


My question is for the folks that have used one of these packages, recently. I'm struggling to understand the terms. I'll use the first option from

Hotel + Air Package 1:


It's listed as 7 nights + 50,000 miles......For a cat. 6 hotel, it has a points total of 230,000.


Am I reading the offer correctly if I think they're saying.... You get 7 nights at a cat 6 hotel and Marriott will transfer 50,000 points into your Frequent Flyer account?


If so, does that mean you basically create your own package by using a base of 180,000 points for the hotel and add how ever many FF miles you want added to your FF account? An example of this would be, Two people flying and staying in the Caribbean with USAir FF membership. The MR member checks the miles in their FF account, decides they need 120,000 more to get two free tickets. They would call MR and request a Hotel and Air Package for the 180,000 hotel plus 120,000 for the plane 300,000 ???