marriott rewards and rapid rewards...

Discussion created by sdcinok on Jun 5, 2012
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I notice that Southwest airlines has a "partner" arrangement with Marriott Rewards.


So how does that work?  When I stay at a Marriott, do I give them my Southwest Rewards number at check-in and they send the necessary information to Southwest to get credit for my Marriott stay with them?  I get my Marritt Rewards points as well as 600 points per stay in Rapid Rewards points?


And, while we are on the subject, I see Marriott partners with Hertz.  I guess I just give Hertz my Marriott Rewards number and they give Marriott what they need.  Can I also give Hertz my Southwest Rapid Rewards number and get credit there as well?  Can I also give Hertz my Amercian Airlines number and get points there as well?


I'm going to have to carry a matrix with me when I travel to keep all the "partners" straight....


Somebody please help me make sense out of this (UGH)...