Be Careful when booking Online.

Discussion created by hopel on Jun 1, 2012
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Caution to everyone who books and cancels hotel stays on Marriott's website. Please note that they do not have any way of going back and checking past reservations and cancellations. I recently was charged $708.00 for a no stay charge and the company refuses to reverse the charges. In the past when I have booked stays and they have showed up on my rewards account  upcoming stays, every time but this time because I had cancelled the stay. The Hotel or Mr. Marriott's office which I have emailed and called will not admit that their system is flawed and they are unable to verify the information that this hotel never showed up under my upcoming stays. Mr. Marriott I may only be a silver awards member and not a valued platinum member, but as of today I will never stay at another Marriott property and I will make sure that everyone I talk to knows my dissatisfaction with Marriott.