Please refrain from holding contests on facebook - not everyone has or wants a facebook account!

Discussion created by gloabtrotter on Jun 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2012 by communitymanagers

When I went to today, I saw a banner advertising a contest/competition for a prize of a stay at Scrub Island Resort.  I clicked on the link to enter the content and to my absolute disgust and disappointment, the competition was being hosted on facebook, so you had to have a facebook account to partake in the contest.  Please recognise that not everyone has or wants a facebook account.  I have absolutely no interest in facebook - couldnt care less about it in fact!  By hosting this contest on facebook, Marriott is denying us non-facebookers the opportunity to take part in this competition.  So please... do not host such contests on facebook in future!  Thank you.