The Louvre, a special day!

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Finally figured out why I was not much of a "Museum person", I was going about it "ALL WRONG"!


With the influence of The Professor, Pluto and a host of others on the MI, I have changed my ways.  Yes, I should also cite Cedric, the Concierge, at the AdT Renaissance, who recommended and set up a "Private guide" for the Louvre.  Having been a number of times before, I was never too impressed till I took him up on this recommendation.  The personal guide met me in the hotel lobby and we spent the next 4 hours getting to, touring the Louvre, and getting back to the hotel.  I will never forget the day, and want to share some "Tips" for you should you have the opportunity to visit the Louvre.


First of all, try to buy your tickets early!  In my case, he thought I had a ticket, and I thought he had a ticket for me.  However, while the lines must have had a 1000 plus people in it,  we walked to a little known "Gift shop" in the Louvre, where there was NO ONE in line, bought a ticket for 10 euro and walked right into the museum.  Here is a picture of that small place, it's on the West side of the basement, by the small pyramid.


While the amount of scenery is fantastic, let me share some highlights with you!


This place is huge, some say 3 miles of building!  Prepare for some real walking and a number of stairs!


Majestic courtyard!


The oldest known painting ever found in France, A French King, really impressive!


One of the three top sights in The Louvre, Winged Victory!


Another of the wonderful sculptures!  Raw beauty!  Prepare for some serious crowds!


Charles my guide, was a wonderful host!


Lastly, everyones favorite, and the most crowded area is The Mona Lisa!(Sorry, The picture was censored?)


A great day was enjoyed at The Louvre, and a lesson was learned by listening to The Concierge!  Unforgettable!