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Only 11 elite nights for 22 night stay???

Question asked by rbwyman on May 22, 2012
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Where do I go for help now?


My fundamental problem is that I stayed at the Kauai Beach Club for 21 days in my units/weeks and for 1 day by DC points - 22 nights - but have only been credited with 11 nights. The elite nights credit is more important to us than the reward points.


I have filed the missing stay form(S) and the supporting 15 folios by mail to Utah and received no response after 3 weeks.  I have talked to Platinum Customer Support (and forwarded the folios) who has "confirmed" that I got what I was entitled to.  I emailed a response to Platinum Customer Support but have received no answer - so I assume I am being stonewalled.


We had our kids and grand kids with us.  We reserved many units.  All had my Rewards number on them.  10 of the 11 nights credit came from the folio of one of the kids units.  Many reward points came from that folio. 1 night and many reward points came from the folio for our last night.  All of our spending from the first 3 weeks was rolled forward to the folio for our last night.


I sincerely think there is a mistake in the way all of these folios have been entered in Marriotts system so that the people checking my accounts see something different than I do.


Where do I go now?