Who's Ready for Mother's Day?

Discussion created by pluto77 on May 11, 2012
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This Sunday is Mother's Day.  For those of us who still have our dear Mothers with us or who are Mothers ourselves or are married to a special Mother, whatcha got going on?


We are fortunate to have my Mother and Father coming up from north San Diego County to visit us!  Since my son fanagled his way into getting the queen bed that used to be in our guest room, we will be putting my parents up in a Spring Hill Suites about 5 miles from where we live, and since we have previously stayed at this property ourselves (Ah!  Wondering why we've stayed at a Marriott property down the street from where we live, aren't you!?), we know it's excellent.


Since it's going to be a skorcher on Sunday (forecast says 100), we'll get up at zero-dark-thirty, go for a bike ride and then later in the day watch stage 8 of the Giro d'Italia.

We do not venture out to restaurants on Mother's Day, as I am vehemently opposed to the practice, and as the "Mom," I get my way on this special day.  We usually stay home and have a special meal which usually involves the barbeque at this time of year, and it suites me perfectly as I love to cook.


Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Moms out there!