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Platinum member experience in Tokyo Japan (Courtyard Ginza)

Question asked by mrkumar on May 9, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by kharada46

I am very keen to hear other platinum members perspectives on their stay at Courtyard Marriot at Ginza, Tokyo. The hotel is fantastic on most fronts - location, courtsey, professional staff, food quality etc etc But after staying at so many marriotts around the world..I think platinum member experience at this hotel possibly can improve.. and wanted to check with other platinum experience who have stayed here..


Specifically -  following is my experience for 2 stays of 7 days each


a.    Usually no complementary upgrades of rooms ( Higher floors, premum rooms)  I got the room at 5th floor which is the lowest level floor at this hotel of 11 floors. While i undersatand that they are subject to availablity - i was prompted to ask this question because I met a couple at this hotel over the breakfast who checked in same day and they were excited to get an upgrade even though they were holiday visitors to Tokyo.

b.    This hotel charges extra for breakfast even though usually Platinum members get this complementary

c.    This hotel charges extra for internet even though usually platinum members get this complementary


Thanks - mrkumar