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Tucson Marriott University- Terrible service

Question asked by glaker on May 10, 2012
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by tef6178

Wondering if this was an isolated incident or how the property is being managed as a whole?


Stayed 2 paid nights as a platinum member . Was offered choice of Platinum arrival gift or points. Told I would be on the Concierge level as a Platinum member. Wow, I thought. I asked what does that mean, bigger room, free breakfast? He said "nothing". and went on to explain they usually have the Concierge lounge open, but not during my stay. I called a few days ahead and asked for a small fridge to be put in the room which they stated was no problem. Upon check-in he stated it was already in the room. I would estimate 85% of the rooms on this level, which btw is floor 9, have balconies. Mine did not. No fridge was in room so I called down to ask if it had been delivered to the wrong room. She stated I was too late, they were all spoken for. So far not a big deal, just a bit irritated since 5 minutes earlier was told its in the room... The room next to us was a very very loud room full of young adults. Called down again and explained the situation and asked if there was possibly another room. "NO" we are sold out, was snapped back at me and now I'm a bit more miffed. Around 4:30 am I was awakened to the sound of a fight in the hall outside the loud room next door. Yes security was called up and this exchange lasted for about 10 to 15 minutes .Alcohol was involved and more than likely chilled by my requested fridge. (haha)  I settled back in for the rest of morning. On the way to breakfast, I stopped by the front desk to ask again about a room change because of the loud guest. She said it happens all the time. News to me. I'm not at motel 6 or Holiday Inn express. This is a Marriott.....where according to her, it happens all the time and i get treated like a jerk for even asking for another room and I guess the expectation of a good nights sleep is a thing of the past.....just like good service.