Earning points while earning Miles

Discussion created by rlauchard on May 8, 2012
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I have been a loyal Marriott Rewards member since I was 21 (now 36). I have accumulated hundreds of thousands of points and have been very happy with the program and the hotels (for the most part) throughout the years. This year (and 1/2 of last year) has been very challenging for me...which strikes me as odd since it is since I've moved to Platinum Elite.


The topic of this post is the lack of direct, and clear communication between the Marriott brands of hotels and the Marriott Rewards teams.


As a platinum elite, I get a choice of points or a check-in gift when I arrive at the hotels. I choose points regularly. It turns out, that if you choose to earn miles, you do not get those points. I would be fine with this explanation if it was clear and consistent depending on who at Marriott I talk to, however, here is my experience:


- Check in at location and get offered gift or points...I tell them that I am not allowed to earn points...they tell me that's not true and that I will get points. At this moment, I decline my 'gift' and go with points...to which I am never awarded and have to call the Marriott Rewards line.

- Call the Marriott Rewards line and explain that I got neither my points nor my gift due to hotel confusion...they admit that the communication is poor and give me points for my previous stays...they then (they being a manager) tell me that I need to tell the hotel that I check in to do a manual adjustment to my rewards account to get the points.

- I check in at the SF Union Sq. location and am offered my choice of gift or points...taking what the Rewards manager told me, I request points, but inform them that a manual adjustment is needed...they agree....before checkout, I ask them to confirm that that manual adjustment occurred, they again confirm. A week later, I find out that they didn't do a manual adjustment...so I call Marriott Rewards.

- Marriott Rewards tells me that the account shows they've spoken to me before and that they will not reward any points and that I need to follow the rules of the program.


WOW...platinum elite eh? I have to say, I'm willing to follow the rules...I live my life on it and teach my kids the same values...but when the rules are not clearly communicated and vary by location...I have to say Marriott...get your act together. How many more of you have run into this occasion. From my discussions with Marriott, it feels like I am the only one.