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help! I have attempted to access Marriott "customer service" with repeated e-mails and phone calls

Question asked by marriottpleaseanswerphone! on May 7, 2012
Latest reply on May 21, 2012 by pluto77

I made reservations at Marriott Midtown East in January and subscribed to Marriott Visa card to round out point requirements to pay for the stay (got 50k bonus points plus credit for charges...allegedly). Though my Visa statement says they have credited these points to Marriott, Marriott statement does not reflect.  On the latest of many calls I held for over 1.5 hours with Marriott.   Sent numerous e-mails.  If I don't get something resolved asap then all heck's going to break loose re charges for this room.

Does anyone know how to reach a supervisor or anyone who will help customers?  This is worst I've experienced anywhere in a long time.    Thanks.