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Hi all,

I'm posting this under Other Posts, because I've given up on destination posts. It usually gives me three or more opportunities for the same place then after I fill in the accurate information it tells me it's inaccurate and I lose what I've written.


Anyway, of all things I will be going to Honolulu at the end of July.  When a trip was cancelled during fall break to Europe, I got a large credit from the airlines, only to learn I could not use it because they'd switched to this weird section where taxes were 90% of the airfare, so the tax on the new trip had to be lower than the old one.  This never works for Europe or the Middle East, so I considered (as some of you know) mileage runs to Seattle or San Fran. Then it occurred to me, why not go to Hawaii, where I've never been, for a few days.  Sure enough, it worked, and I had to pay very little extra.


I've booked the Marriott Waikiki Beach and read posts about it, but does anyone have new info?  With three days are there any excursions worth taking?  I am very much an ocean person, so I don't expect to be unhappy on my mileage run .

Cheers, ProfC