Jesse James, Pony Express, St. Joseph, Mo & More!

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If you like history, this place is a "Gold mine"!


Discussing "River towns" in America with my friends in London, this was one place I thought I would share some information and pictures with you.  As many cities in America, the best days may be behind St. Joseph, but what a part of American history it has played.


There are no Marriott's in the city, and the closest one is the Kansas City Airport, about 25 miles away.  If you are traveling on I-29 this town is worth a stop.


If you enjoy the "Old West", you are in for a real treat.  I have read Walter Cronkite was from St. Joseph, as were many other famous people.  Let me share some pictures with you:



You may enjoy the history here!


This is a very interesting area!


Remember this stamp in 1960?


A nice place to visit!