Trip to New York during Thanksgiving

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  In November of 2011 My husband and I planed a trip to New York to see the Macy's Parade  in person.  We got a reservation at the Marriott Marquis.    After we made the reservation we found out that our son a 1LT. in the Army stationed at Fort Hood Texas would be leaving for his first tour of duty in Afganistan in December.  We decided it would be nice to take him to New York with us before he left so he would have an opportunity to see a lot of what he is serving in the armed forces for.  It took a little working around but we were finally able to get him a room in the Marriott Marquie with us.  Then we decided it would be nice to have some rooms overlooking time square and the parade route.  My husband wrote to the people at the hotel to tell them of our son situation.  They were wonderful. We were able to get connecting rooms where we were able to see everything.  My son's room looked right out on to time square.  He had the most amazing time. He sent pictures and messages to some of his battle buddies while watching the parade.  He and his father were able to get out and walk around a great deal of New York.  I did not go as they would have had to push me in a wheel chair as I have a very bad knee injury.  His Dad who is a retired LTC. in the Army and him had some really good bonding time.  He nearly walked his dad's legs off. I would like to thank the people of the Marriott Marquis for giving us this opportunity to show our son how great America is and what better time than at Thanksgiving with the great tradition of the Macy's Parade.

  Since our son has been in Afganistan He has had the misfortune to have lost three of his troops and had three others injured by an IED. , before he had been in country for less than twenty days.  He has also been in a five hour fire fight with some insurgents just recently.  He and his soilders are doing well.  We have had to send quite a few care packages to his unit as all their personal items that had been sent ahead of their deployment are being held up in Pakistan. They are very grateful for anything they can get that we take for granted in our every day lives, like a tooth brush blanket,soap just to name a few.


Thanks again for all who heiped my son to have such a wonderful experience at the Marriott Marquis.


We are so very grateful and hope that in the future we will be staying at this wonderful Hotel again.