Leadership versus being constrained to the familiar?

Discussion created by anadyr on May 1, 2012
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Maybe it is only me but it seems as if Marriott Rewards is mired in neutral:  No structural changes to the program that we can see as beneficial to the membership--which I would guess is nearing 40 million as I write this.  The 2008 changes, establishing a fifth night free for four points nights and rollover nights were big news.  Now there is a temporary elimination (we hope) of BOGOs, points devaluation cause by category shifts, continued lack of distinction between Platinum and Platinum Premier, and other subtle changes.


When I view the program I guess I am comfortable with the way it works, but uncomfortable with the benefits, many of which have remained the same or actually declined in value.  I notice that the treatment at hotels (in my experience) is virtually the same--which is good, but not exceptional.  Platinum recognition is hanging in there at about 50%, for example.  Room upgrades at a lower rate.  The economy is improving in terms of revenue per room and that pushes the ability to be more generous in the opposite direction, which is too bad.


So where am I wrong?  Is this just one person's opinion?  Do you agree or disagree?


Happy  May Day as well.