What's the point(s)?

Discussion created by profchiara on May 2, 2012
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I decided to open a new discussion because of my inability to redeem what should have been redeemable points at a Cat 7 hotel, the Boscolo Venezia.  I first simply booked it and was told (on the computer) that because I was elite I would get the special rate of 280 euros a night.  I booked it, but then it sunk in that we were talking about $1500 so I cancelled the reservation.  I then tried to rebook since I had plenty of points for 4 nights at a Cat 7, but suddenly there were no rooms available for redemption.  In my view, this is against the stated policy of Marriott redemption awards.  I know Cat 8s can deny redemption, but this wasn't.


My big question is what is the point of accruing points?  If we can't redeem them based on what we understand as the rules, why stay?  Since many of us have been unhappy with the changes over the past year or so, I see less and less reason to do so. I have always loved most full-service Marriotts, but on my recent trip to France I was in Accors or Best Westerns the whole time (although I didn't pay) and the rooms were superb, even in smallish cities.  So isn't loyalty a two-way street?  Shouldn't we expect that when we follow the rules, we can redeem a room when a room is available (as it obviously was in my case in Venice)?


I am seriously rethinking loyalty and what it means.  Delta always has my loyalty because I've been royally treated and rewarded, and most importantly, my treatment has increasingly improved over the past three years, even though airline profits were not great to say the least.  So for airlines, no problem.  But what does PP mean (or any other elite status) if you can't pretty much wipe out your points to stay at a nice Marriott? Not much.