Courtyard SFO Oyster Point Remodeling -Be Advised of Construction

Discussion created by rsadow123 on May 1, 2012
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San Francisco airport hotel under remodeling; be advised in the short-term.

Greeting to those staying around the San Francisco Airport in the weeks ahead. There are many Marriott brand hotels to choose from and enjoy. I just completed a visit to the Courtyard SFO Oyster Point just a couple of days ago. I have stayed here before and had a very comfortable stay or two. However, this trip, they are doing some major remodeling of the lobby and public areas.

The restaurant is only open in the mornings and there are no other hotels open around the hotel within walking distance (somewhat secluded in an office park area). You have to take the shuttle back to the airport to get something to eat. They do have their quaint little Market, but if you need a hearty meal, you need to go all the way to the airport. If your evening flight cancels at SFO and the airline provides you with a room here, you may get a food voucher. Note it will likely be worthless be their restaurant is shut down at night. Eat at the airport.

I had to change rooms twice as the air conditioning/heater wall units were both making a large humming noise when the heater unit kicked in. If you are a light sleeper, I would shy away from this particular hotel until remodeling is completed. The front desk gal noted they are suppose to pull all of the wall heating units out next week. If true, they will hopefully have newer and much quieter units in the rooms soon.

Other than that, the staff is very accomodating with a professional Marriott smile:)

I am a dedicated Marriott Platinum member and will continue to use the Marriott brand hotels.