See the room first!

Discussion created by jerrycoin on Apr 29, 2012
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After over 40 years of traveling, I have started doing something people did in "The Old days" seeing the room prior to accepting it!  Having had too many problems in NYC, Chicago, etc., I learned the "Hard Way".


Yes, I often would just take it for granted, and move my stuff in and figure it's too much trouble to move, not anymore.  I leave the bags at the desk and go see the room first.  It is surprising how much respect it garners from the front desk, sometimes more that PP!


Recently, I was rudely treated by a front desk clerk at a SHS, who told me on my FIVE night stay they could not get me a King Bed at anytime of the stay.  I went, saw the room, and returned to the front desk and said "Count me out", you don't need my business, and went down the street to a FF which really took care of me.


From now on, think about asking to see the room first!  Let me also share with you on one of my stays at The JW Grosvenor in London, the front desk manager actually showed me where my room was, walked me to it, without me asking, that is service!