Marriott City Center Raleigh, NC

Discussion created by nuhusker on Apr 30, 2012
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So after the wedding in bahamas, the parties were in Raleigh.  We had a block of rooms that were filled, but I used some points for rooms for some close family members.

The whole Marriott experience couldn't have been better.  Tacosha was out front desk clerk and she was extremely efficient, professional, personable, and

couldn't have been more helpful or a pleasure to deal with.  The still give platinum free breakfast on weekends, actually it's a coupon for $30 which is enough for two to

eat the breakfast buffett.  She also gave me comp valet parking since I had to wait barely a minute for her to help me at check in.  Our rooms were ready

even when we asked to check in early, including have refrigerators already in the rooms and the requested baby bed in one of the rooms.  Thsi hotel recently

went from cat 4 to 5  and is a very nice property in a great downtown location.  Just FYI, if you're ever looking for a place in Raleigh to hold a party I can recommend

two places:  The Stockroom at 230 and the other is Cobblestone Hall -- both great places.  We had about 100 at stockroom at 230, and probably 250 at cobblestone hall

and there was plenty of room for food, table, bar, and dancing.  So if you're in Raleigh I'd definietly recommend this hotel and these party venues.