Best & Worst Airport Lounges

Discussion created by profchiara on Apr 29, 2012
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Hi all,

I'm sitting in the Skyteam AF lounge in Paris CDG Terminal E, and it has to be one of the all time best (better than other Skyteam AF lounges in other parts of the airport, unless they've changed).


I had an amazing week of filming an English/German documentary on medieval women (Joan of Arc being my part) to accompany an E/G miniseries on Pillars of the Earth in the fall. It was so out of my ordinary experience!  I've done radio interviews, but television is different.  It got easier after the first shots where I wasn't talking to anyone but cameras, and later with KF, and then yesterday a solo interview in a tower at Chinon Castle.  And the producer, director and crew were so great -- funny and yet dead serious about making a great documentary at the same time. When they weren't using me I offered to do 'crowd control' which turned out to be fun.  Most everyone in the castle Friday and Saturday was French, so to keep them out of filming areas I had to whisper conspiratorially what we were doing.  I met so many wonderful people and they were so excited and all complied fully, even shushing their family if they tried to go forward or talk. Working with a makeup artist in pouring rain was different.


Back to the subject.  My flight to Boston takes off in two hours, and I've already been here in the AF lounge two hours.  I got a guided tour by one of the entry people.  He told me there were two sides of the lounge and it was a matter of taste which you preferred, but he suggested one for me that had a lovely buffet of fresh turkey breast, country French bread, rice salad and desserts, then pointed to all the open bottles of champagne, white and red wine, and juices and soda. He then told me where to find the rest rooms and how to connect to the internet.  WOW -- all of that was a first (and I'm still sitting here drinking champagne). He also pointed to a HUGE array of newspapers/magazines in all languages. Kudos to AF/Skyteam lounge in Terminal E, CDG!!!ranc


The only partially comparable but different experience happened, I think, in Rome, a few years ago, when Delta didn't have its own lounge and I was given a Swissair lounge pass.  While it did not have free wifi, it had very good food and wine and massage chairs.


My worst lounge experiences (almost always Delta or Skyteam since that's the only group I'm a very FF in) are: Boston (except for the wonderful people).  The appetizers (to put it mildly) suck, and you have to ask for wine or beer or cocktails, and they don't offer champagne unless you buy a bottle of Dom Perignon.  At JFK I almost don't notice because it's such an improvement to the havoc in the terminals, so a welcome relief. Again, my favorite US lounge would be Delta's in Detroit, which I think has carried over the Northwest influence because it has many more offerings and is more 'open'.

Cheers, ProfC