Rookie First Post! Advice and opinions on Cancun

Discussion created by joososo on Apr 29, 2012
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I am a rookie so bare with me if this has been asked previously.  I did take the time to search and read numerous prior posts related to Cancun.  It appears to be a wash between the JW and the Ritz in Cancun.  I need some advice on dinning and leisure expenses.  Below I have listed a breakdown of the estimated cost for each hotel.


Ritz Carlton

5 nights regular room,  2 daily breakfasts and $100 daily resort credit included, Total $1590/$318 a night.

Now subtract $500 for the resort credit and $300 for included breakfast, Total $790/$158 a night.



5 nights Club 91 Level, 5th night free, $50 daily resort credit, Total $1818/$363 a night

Subtract 5th night/$363 and $250 resort credit, Total $1205/$241 a night.

I know the resort credits will not go very far, but I do not know how far they will go.


I would appreciate any opinions and advice that anyone might have related to which property I should choose.