JW Marriott Cancun much better/Classier than Ritz Carlton Cancun

Discussion created by skyagan on Apr 28, 2012
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As a Platinum for Life member and a meeting planner, I am shocked by the lack of quality at the Ritz Carlton in Cancun.  My husband and I flew down to Cancun for a fun get-away weekend with more than enough points to stay at either location without feeling it.  We took a look at the Ritz - the rooms and outdoor space and noticed the cheap plastic pool chairs/loungers (most Courtyards have higher quality!) and the other cost cutting measures.  We decided to stay at the JW which is far more open, spacious and nicer pool chairs/loungers.  Being close to our 15th anniversary, we decided to try the Ritz for dinner at the Casitas restaurant - we were told it was very romantic etc.  Well, we were seated at cheap plastic tables with the same plastic deck chairs (plastic strap type) and plastic diner style salt and pepper shakers!  The view was gorgeous and the saxophonist began to play.  Nice!  Almost instantaneously, the group dinner by the pool came on with a rap artist who completely overwhelmed the sax player and provided a less than romantic experience.  Speaking to the restaurant and hotel manager on duty - all admitted they realized the issues but that the owner was not forthcoming with the $$ to make the changes. I've never seen Ritz employees so clearly un-empowered.   I understand the issues of having hotels in tropical locations - but the Ritz's in Maui, Cayman and Florida blow this away.  I can't believe it still gets a 5 diamond rating.  Someone from Marriott needs to have a conversation with the franchisee - not acceptable for this brand.  I'd say it falls somewhere between the JW and the Casa Magna.  Sad - because I really wanted it to be special like so many other Ritz stays....