Harrods, Shopping at it's Best!

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Not far from many Marriott properties in London is one of the greatest places to shop in the World!


There a many things that will make your shopping experience more enjoyable and I hope to share a few tips with you.  One taxi driver told me that 40% of the people in Harrods are "Tourists", that number seems about right, so if you want to buy something, wonderful, if not just enjoy the glorious experience.  One thing to expect, a crowd, and a noisy crowd, you will feel you are at a "United Nations" cocktail party.  You will be able to determine some of the languages, but not all of them.


One thing that will help you is that Harrods will let you pay in US cash, or will at least offer you the opportunity to charge your cc in US dollars.  Likewise, you will want to get a Harrods "Frequent shopper", black card.  The card will allow you to accumulate points as well as afford you a chance to participated in their various free offers.  Last year they gave away a cruise for two on the Nile River!


Do not be in a hurry, and grab a store guide during your visit.  If you have a family or group, make a plan on where to meet should someone get lost.  Yes, this place is huge and confusing, so a good place to "Meet up" is one place that is on the ground floor, and the only place in the store that is unique.  It is the Princess Diana Memorial.  It is worth a visit and most popular.


There are many "Breathtaking" sections in Harrods, here are a few!


Want to enjoy pizza made by an chef singing in Italian?


Would you like a $1000 Cuban cigar?


Caviar anyone?  It is not cheap.


Enjoy a $2 doughnut!


The "Food Halls" are really beautiful and very busy!


This is my "Bag Lady",  (Handbags, that is), say hi to Alyssa, (From New Hampshire) The Manager of the DKNY Dept., she has helped me with many a "Bag" that I love to give as gifts!  Wonderful Staff at Harrods.


Lastly for that person who has everything, this is the "Perfect Gift." A crystal portrait of Muhammad Ally,  Its a "Steal" for only 14,000 British Pounds ($22,600 US).


Enjoy your shopping at one of the greatest stores in the World!