County Hall to Harrods, London's Best!

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Few rides, or long walks could be so memorable as this trek.  Historic, scenic, and inexpensive.  (This post was inspired by the recent interesting post on the Staten Island Ferry)


By taxi, you are looking at a 12 pound fare (About $20), but no matter how many times one does this ride, it is literally "Majestic."  I would like to take you on that ride with a few photo's of the fantastic sights you will enjoy.  It's probably a little over a mile, so one could also walk one to get there and ride back.  There are always Taxi's at Harrods so don't worry about not getting a ride back.


As you leave the arches at County Hall you will go right and enjoy the crowds and traffic all along the Westminster Bridge.  Here are some of your first sights,  Just to the right is the London Eye, in front of the hotel.  You will see the Thames as you cross this historic bridge.


You will then see Big Ben and The famous gov't HQ to your front and left!


You will then pass Big Ben, take a left, the right and be in front of Westminster Abbey.


Before you get to Buckingham Palace, you will enjoy The Beauty of the park grounds along the trek.


Flowers adorn the front of Buckingham Palace.


Buckingham Palace is most "Majestic", today is one of the Queens Birthday!


The Duke of Wellingtons Home at the Southeast corner of Hyde Park is most impressive. You can take a tour!


We now are approaching Harrods and it is a wonderful place to shop!  ( A post on that is in the works!)


Hope you enjoyed this, and please contribute if you have something to add or questions.