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Hilton Room Upgrade Rewards.  Will Marriott come to the mark???

Question asked by jroes006 on Apr 22, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2012 by painedplatinum

I, like many of you have been asking, sometimes pleading for Marriott to come to the mark and allow room upgrades to be purchased with points.  I've always wondered if the grass on the other side is actually greener and have to admit that I'm torn.  I love Marriott, but the inability to use points on a suite really bothers me.  Well tonight I was reading my Esquire and there was an ad in there for Hilton hotels.


I quote "  ROOM UPGRADE REWARDS:Now your HHonors Points can be used at booking or check-in to upgrade to ANY ROOM -- even oceanfront and honeymoon suites.  Plus, your upgrade will be GUARANTEED."


Sounds like Hilton has someone monitoring this site to see what the biggest gripe is for Marriott Rewards Members.  I've seen a lot of chatter from people on this site and I have also asked the community manager if there is any traction being made on this topic without even a response back I should say.  Now I ask you this question.  Will Marriott come to the mark?  What are your thoughts on this?


I do my fair share of travel and have to admit seeing this in my magazine has got me thinking.  Like many of you I really don't care about an upgrade when I am working, but when I take my family on vacation a couple of times a year it means something to me to be able to put them in a great room at a great hotel.  Will they come to the mark?  How long do we take the wait and see approach?  Loyalty means a lot to me, but so does family and having the best memories I can with them.  Interested in your thoughts.