Treasures in our own backyard

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A popular tourist destination practically in our own backyard is Avery Island.  Located  about 3 hours from New Orleans, 30 minutes from Lafayette, and 10 minutes from New Iberia, Avery Island is home to Tabasco, that famous peppery sauce now found all over the world.  You can take a tour of the factory and enjoy a brief movie which tells the history of Tabasco.  A stop at the gift shop makes it possible to taste many Tabasco products and purchase those you enjoy.  I tried jalapeno ice cream for the first time!  They also have a new flavor, raspberry chipotle, available to try.

Avery Island is also home to the Jungle Gardens.  Egrets, herons, spoonbills, and ibeses make their home in Bird City and each Spring some 20,000 nests are built there.  It is now necessary to bring in more that 30 truckloads of twigs for nesting materials.

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Alligators make their homes in the ponds on the Island.  When we pulled up to one of the ponds to take pictures, we were amazed when 7 gators made their way to the shallow water to watch and wait.  We assume they were used to being fed; although, guests are asked NOT to feed them or approach them.   

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