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Expedia reservations not eligible for rewards?

Question asked by infrequent_flyer on Apr 21, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by fortworthrealtor

I made a reservation at the Marriott Sydney (Australia) Harbour through Expedia.  Serious money, serious rewards: 6 nights, 2426 US$.  It was a refundable, full rate reservation, not a deep discount Expedia deal.  (Why Expedia?  Because I was on a roll making multiple reservation in AU & New Zealand.  Also, Expedia all in US $ which is helpful and convenient.  Because this was big $$, I actually looked on, too.  It was the same nightly equivalent in AU $; so I went with Expedia because it was in US $.) 


Gave the hotel my rewards number on arrival and it's in the Marriott receipt.  Added about $US 600 in miscellaneous during stay.  I did find it weird that the Marriott room receipt no where shows the Expedia $$, it just shows six nights paid, but no $$ amount.  At other hotels I've seen the Expedia pre-payment as a credit, and then the nightly room rate is charged against the credit.  


Got rewards for only the $600 misc and no (zero) nights.   That's weird by itself, $600 but no nights.  Sent all receipts (hotel & Expedia) to Rewards, they did a minor adjustment for US $ vs. AU $, but no credit for 6 nights or the $2426. 


I can't find any "Expedia exception" in any of the fine print I have.  Can anyone help?  


I'm not a frequent traveler, but I am a rewards junkie and this is a big loss.