FOLLOW UP - Where did you go that you loved but never need to visit again?

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Hi all,

I thought I'd follow up on my earlier thoughts about where I could go again if possible and where I really feel comfortable so would love to go again each year if miles and points added up.  Here's where I don't NEED to visit again but probably will have to:

- Paris (though I probably will have to because of research)

- London (only to meet with my publisher and for Jack the Ripper tours)

- Brussels (been there, done that, but would still like to again)

- Rome (sad to say, I think I've seen all and done all, though there is part of me that will try to get over things like associated factors that actually are not related to Rome -- because I really DO want to go there again.)


-All of Switzerland, my ancestral country.  I've been three times to Berne (from which all of my family emigrated in 1913), Zurich, Luzerne, Lausanne, Geneva, and other places.  I find it ironic that despite my Swiss-German background I have felt totally NOT at home in Switzerland or Germany

- Most of Germany.  I don't honestly know why I feel this way, given my Swiss-Germanic background, but although I have spent much time in Germany (and it was my first serious foreign language), including a three-month fellowship in Wolfenbüttel in the 1990s, it feels like a strange place to me. Maybe it's me as a historian and I don't like Germany's 20th century past, though my ancestors had no role or victimship in what happened.  Oddly, esp. considering background, I never feel at home in Switzerland or Germany.  It turns out my ancestor from Berne emigrated to the US in 1913 to become a vaudeville actor. He was Catholic (strangely from very Protestant Berne) when he emigrated but became Protestant when he and his wife landed in Philadelphia.  He died soon after.

-Turkey - Literally been there, done that, loved it. But no need to go back.


So my question is besides the ones I've asked, is why are we drawn (aside from work) to the places we are?  I literally have no French or Italian (let alone Egyptian of Greek) blood in my veins, yet those are my places.  I have never been able to figure this out.  I found Berne to be lovely, yet I felt no connection whatsoever despite my heritage.