Chris, I wish I knew what he forgot!

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This MI is addictive!


It's one thing to read about and share travel stories with other but it is another to meet people who you respect for there travel knowledge.  Today, I had such a pleasure, meeting Chris and his wife Ann

Marie.  This is what MI is really all about.  We set in the CL and then went to an upgraded suite and had more laughs and exchanges than should happen.


This guy is one "Modest traveler", he knows the "Ropes" from South Africa, America and more, what a source for MI.  This guy, like Nuhusker, SS, The Professor, Jasper, Arkwright. Pluto and the rest of you, what a wonderful blessing we have to share our experiences.


What a wonderful book he brought me, and how much he enjoys SS!


Here is a couple of photos, that I will always remember! Thanks Chris and Ann Marie!n


Jerry and Chris, with Big Ben behind us from the Suite on the Thames.