Arkwright, does it again!

Discussion created by jerrycoin on Apr 19, 2012
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Just when you thing you know someone, when you meet them they impress you more!


This gentleman is only the second MR I have ever met,NUhusker was first, and what an educated, astute traveler this guy is.  A Cambridge graduate, who worked his way through school, (Don't tell him I shared this with you), we had a lovely time solving the worlds problems the past evening.  He a reason why I enjoy MI and the chance to share travel stories and recommendations.


This guy know what is going on.  He seemed to know more about me than I knew about myself.


I can only share with you the joy I had at spending time discussing America, G. B. and the world with this "Chap".


By the way, we came up with a plan for him to come to St. Louis and we go to St. Charles, Washington, Mo on to Hannibal, Mo and end up in Burlington, Ia.  We plan on having NUHusker buy the beer, and all of you are invited to Burlington for our "Beer fest"


You might enjoy a memorable picture, that we sure enjoyed.  Viva Marriott Insiders.


Yes, we "Enjoyed the Marriott County Hall", note the background.