Where would you go if...?

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Here's a basic assumption we'd all love to have: we have more airline miles than we can use and more hotel points of any sort that we can ever use. Oh, such a dilemma!


1) Where would you go again, anywhere in the US or the wider world, 1 or 2 times for sure because you felt there were unfinished things you wanted to experience there?

2) Where would you most like to go maybe once a year if you still had those miles and points coming in?


My answer to

1) is Egypt.  I am following events (even a nonsocial creature like me is using twitter to keep current on events in Egypt.  Things are looking up because of a judicial decision about presidential candidates allowed to run, though tomorrow and the next month will tell the story.)  But I desperately want to finish the story of Egypt I started but did not end.  (I sound like Barry Manilow's Weekend in New England). I want more time in Luxor at the Valley of the Kings and a Nile cruise down to Aswan and Abu Simbel.


Second choice: Greek islands, especially Crete, Santorini, Delos, and Mykonos. Even though I took that three day very cheap cruise of the islands last summer, it was too short and I had to prioritize, so I never even got off the ship at Mykonos.  Frankly, I was more interested in the ancient sacred island of Delos, which is next to Mykonos, but I could not have visited during the short stop.


2) has changed constantly for me (and will undoubtedly do so again) as I grow older, and my answer now is not one I would have given even 2 years ago and probably won't give two years from now.  It's Venice (Italy, definitely NOT California). 


Since I've lived in Paris a good part of my 34 years plus life, and been in almost all of France for research, it oddly no longer pulls me as much, however much I love the country and its people.  I only really rediscovered Italy starting in 2002 when I led college tours in Tuscany and Umbria, but my trips to Rome since (which would have been my answer to 2) two years ago, has now changed to Venice.  Venice simply feels more like me.  It's historical, it's on the sea (I need to be near ocean or at least a good equivalent) and a major city.  While my first trip to Venice in 1995 was a huge disappointment, every trip since has been better and better and it's starting to feel like parts of France in being a 'bit like home'.


In the US, as I said in an earlier post, I've been to all but three of the continental states (missing the Dakotas and Oregon).  I figure since I almost ended up in Portland, Oregon after a cancelled flight home upon arriving from abroad at JFK but only caught the mistake at the last minute, I will probably end up there someday when I become more demented and no longer am able to challenge a flight rebook.  I hear it's a lovely place. 


I have also been to all the Canadian provinces except British Columbia and Saskatchewan.  No offense to Saskatoons out there, but I would like to see Vancouver and Victoria, esp. since I have a really stupid cancelled Europe credit of $600 (when they started counting taxes as much more than fares this spring making the credit not work for Europe at all anymore, but it will work for North America).  Watch out for these weird airfare changes.  That was a first. So if any of you have a suggestion of how I can maximize miles for less than $600 before August 30 within North America, please tell me.


I have never been to Alaska or Hawaii, and frankly (you're all going to think I'm nuts) am not very interested unless it takes a cheap short trip to keep my Delta status.  The places have to be seriously historical for me to want to go there (I've never been to Bermuda or the Caribbean either).  And for me that means hundreds or thousands of years old.  I guess I could lounge on the beaches of Waikiki, but then frankly for me the beaches of Maine would do as well (and believe it or not I like the cold ocean better).


So again assuming unlimited free miles (let's even say business or first class) and free hotels, where would you go in these two categories? Why?