Autograph Collection - The Saint Hotel, New Orleans

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I don't normally do this, but I'm sorry this is NOT a catagory 6 hotel. Not only does it not qualify as a luxury hotel, I'm not sure it should qualify to be a Marriott affliated property.


This is a description from the Marriott hotel website;  The 166-room, 8-story Saint Hotel includes 320 sq. ft. modern guest rooms; 1450 sq. ft. of meeting and special event space; Sweet Olive, a modern restuarant created by Chef Michael Stoltzfus; the Burgundy Bar offering live jazz; and Halo a rooftop bar and lounge with panoramic views of downtown New Orleans.


Sounds nice right? Well, how would you think this hotel is, only after you check in, you find out that these Marriott advertised amedities simply do not exist. Not only, does the rooftop bar not exist, but as of a week ago, it was not under construction. It was slated to be completed by Spring 2012, when the hotel opened. According to the front desk personnel, it is slated to be completed in the Fall of 2012.


When I went to breakfast this morning, I found out that apparently, the Sweet Olive restaurant has been "taken over" by the hotel staff, and trust me when I say, The Sweet Olive, as it is today, wouldn't qualify as a "Denny's" restaurant, let alone five-star, signature cuisine dining establishment.


I am extremely concerned that Marriott has made a MAJOR mistake by allowing this property to "flagged" as a Signature Collection Marriott property. Doesn't Marriott realize the amount of damage that this causes to their brand? Not only has this property failed to meet the Marriott standards for excellance, but it is my professional opinion that by Marriott allowing it to continue to falsely represent the hotel's admenities on a Marriott-controlled website consistutes FRAUD. In the past, whenever a property is "Under Construction", disclaimers are noted on the hotel's website. No such disclaimer exists on this website.


I realize that this post might not gather much attention, but I'm quite positive my after stay survey will! Sorry, but this hotel is a MAJOR disappointment, so BUYER BEWARE!