A fervent plea for laissez faire posting on Insiders

Discussion created by anadyr on Apr 17, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2012 by anadyr

I understand the most recent, heartfelt pleas made on Insiders for a return to the good old days of specific travel-related posting, and appreciate the desires of many that we revisit the original intent of the site, as construed years ago by Marriott in versions one and two of MRI.

While I concur that this is a worthy  and even hoped for ideal, I fear that it can never come to pass without a lot of self-policing or worse, Marriott intervention.  We are a free-wheeling group, and we post as we please regardless of subject.  Structurally, there seems to be no way for a post to be confined to its original theme or subject.  If we had some kind of Marriott designed word check or phrase check that would automatically redirect posts to new themes and subjects, we would be able to do this.

So, I heartily recommend that everyone post as they want, and if they can, stay on the subject of the original post. I have been guilty of wandering down allies, some would say dead-ends, as I post away.  So, in the end, who is harmed?  Only the original poster who feels that a question is not being answered or a post is not being appreciated.

It is good to remember that this is not a site aimed at a particular class of Marriott Rewards Elite member, but one for all who care to post.  Restricting by fiat will not help the new person who is considering a post, in my view, just confirm that it is an un-level playing field.  As an example if all the threads are just on places that only a few have gone or intend to go then the audience is narrowed, and I would say unfairly.

For those offended by the free-wheeling nature of this Insiders blog, please understand there is no way to control it, other than self-control, which seems to be an unlikely outcome