Upcoming Reservations??

Discussion created by painedplatinum on Apr 17, 2012
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I was just reviewing three upcoming reservations on  The following statement is now at the bottom of each of these reservations:


Stays booked under special rates are not eligible
to earn Marriott Rewards® points. However, all other eligible charges from this
stay will be credited to your Marriott Rewards account.


I have never noticed this before. One reservation is AAA rate. Unless something has changed, AAA always has resulted in points, like normal. One reservation is a rate,(not great) that my client has set up with a local CY. The other is a regular rate reservation. I'm wondering if this has been added to all reservations out there. The use of the words "this stay" is troubling. Can someone please check their next "Upcoming Reservation" details and see if that statement is present?