Parking policy at facilities that are not parking constrained

Discussion created by cadillacmike on Apr 17, 2012
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While this might not bother many, especially if it gets expensed back to their company, it certainly irks me. There are a couple of hotels in Orlando near the airport, where they charge for parking. Out of 18 hotels at one intersection only TWO charge for parking. both are Marriott properties, one is a Marriott and the other is a Renaissance. The Marriott will at least waive the charge for Gold & Platinum members, but the Renaissance changed their policy last summer to charge everyone, even gold & platinum members. That just won't do! Again, please note this is not an urban block area with no parking, these hotels all have large lots (which never get more than half filled) and remember there are 18 hotels at this one intersection.


I don't get the logic. I stopped staying at the Renaissance for 9 months until i went to the manager and informed him why i wasn't staying at his property (even though i had been staying literally next door), and they relented and waived the charge. They still charged me for 1 day tho!!! (I noted it on my travel voucher).  I really like the property, but just can't abide the illogical parking policy.