Renting cars--it pays to check back

Discussion created by anadyr on Apr 13, 2012
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Since no one is reimbursing me for travel these days, I tend to be very cheap when making reservations for cars and hotels.  I am going to Denver in a few days to tend to my ailing mother and will need a car for a week. 

Checking with National Rental Cars (where I am a longtime EEV (Executive Elite VIP)) I noticed  that the week was going to total out at $295, not bad for a mid size and on short notice.  Being an internet wizard I later (ten minutes) discovered that I had missed a day and was renting for five rather than six days.

No problem, I told myself, I will just go back modify the rez and go on happily.  In doing that I found that for an extra day (and still within the week rate) my new fee was $548!!!

Called the Emerald Club hotline and was transferred to the "modification desk" (MD) by a very kind agent.  The MD told me that the rate of $548 was the rate at the time I modified my reservation--get over it! (not exactly, but you get the picture). 

I then checked the consolidators, and finally made a Costco travel reservation for $175 for the week with Enterprise through the web site. 

This morning I went back the National Car website to cancel the earlier one and casually checked on the weely rate which had dropped to $150, all fees included!  So I stuck with National and got my dates straight. 

It pays to check back almost constantly since apparently rental car companies are like airlines--no price is ever fixed!