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Have You Ever Seen The Property-Specific Hilton Diamond Card?

Question asked by alrenaissance on Apr 13, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2013 by californian

Some years ago (about 10), before I became Marriott Lifetime Platinum, I was dabbling around with different hotel chains, and became a good acquantaince with the GM at the Hilton, Pittsburgh. I was never a Diamond member with Hilton at that point, and was told by this particular GM that he had the ability to send in a form which would make me a Diamond (like Marriott's Platinum) member at that property location only. Dubious about this, I asked him if he could. Lo and behold, a few weeks later, I received a BLACK card from Hilton in the mail, which indicated Diamond. A short time later, I presented the card at another Hilton property, who then gave me every ammenity that a regular Diamond member received. The front desk people at the next property said they had never seen this type or color card before, and thought perhaps the Hilton properties had simply issued a new form of card.


After awhile, and travelling to other properties, some front desk people and or GM's said they had seen it, but they were rare. I was always treated as Diamond/Platinum no matter where I went based on this  kind gesture by the orignal GM back in Pittsburgh. Not only that, it had NO EXPIRATION, and was supposed to be valid at the Pittsburgh location only. Yet based on it never being seen before, no matter where I went, I was showered with upgrades and other nice things.


My entire point here is that I wonder if Marriott ever ran a similar type of preferred treatment card, and if so, has anybody ever had and/or seen one? Wouldn't it be nice to have special Platinum ammenities at a Marriott property that you frequent the most, even if you do not make the Platinum or Gold thresholds?


After I legitimately made Diamond, they sent me a sparkly champagne colored card, and when I inquired about the usefulness of my other card, I was told they were both the same, so just use the newer card. I had almost forgotten about this location-specific card, until JerryCoin and I had a discussion earlier this afternoon.


I am curious as to what anybody felt about, or had potentially experienced this situation. I do not see Marriott doing this based on their high point-level thresholds, but wouldn't it be interesting? I guess you never know.