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Discussion created by profchiara on Apr 12, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2012 by profchiara

Please, no one, take this personally.  But I have been extremely busy with college and extensive travel this semester, and every time I log on, I get the same 'Communications,' which are usually vote up or down.  I think they have made the point and Marriott should take note about a) CL on weekends; b) breakfasts on weekends; c) upgrades for P and PP, etc.


But I am no longer even logging in for the most part because that is all I see as 'new activity' on MR Insiders.  I have already voted, as have most, so be it.  I would seriously like to see more travel0related items, but I think because I just turn off without checking 'Activity', I feel it's getting old.  Marriott is either going to give us weekend CL privileges, breakfast or equivalent or they are not.  But what is the point in constantly making this the first thing I see when I check in?  As a result (even though I DO AGREE), I don't check in that often any more because the site has for me become less interesting.


I am probably in the minority, and so be it.  But I'd like to see us get into real travel discussions again.  I really want Marriott to address these very serious issues -- I stay very infrequently at Marriotts these days because I'm both comped and get better weekend and breakfast results at other hotels -- but I also hope we can get on with discussion and not simply polls that have been there every days.  Marriott knows what we want. I doubt we can get any more than what has already been expressed, but what purpose does it serve for me (or anyone else) to see the same post I've already voted on every day, yet no new posts?


I don't want to deny others the privilege of weighing in on these issues. But my time is limited during the academic year.  When I check in, I don't want to see things I've already voted upon.  I want new insights on where Marriott Rewards are going.

Prof Chiara