Mark your calendars: Monterey Pop remembered, Tony Bennett @Monterey Jazz,  etc.

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21 September will the date for the 55th anniversary of the Monterey Jazz Festival starring Tony Bennett.  Tickets going fast


pop.jpgAlso opening at the Museum of Monterey is a retrospective of the iconic Monterey Pop Festival (1967) the one-time event that led to the summer of love, Woodstock and a whole lot of stuff, good and bad, that we still live with. 

The event almost landed the Beach Boys and the Beatles, but neither was there due to unusual circumstances.  One side note:  a local wag told me that anyone who tells you they were there in June 1967 was really there!


This weekend is also the extremely expensive and exclusive Pebble Beach Food and Wine, and the airport's private part (Million-Air) is loaded with private planes of all sizes.

I may celebrate at In'N'Out Burger, Thomas Keller's favorite!