Renaissance La Defense, Paris!

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This has been one of my favorite hotels in Paris.  Especially on week-ends and holiday, when the rates drop.  The California Room serves a nice buffet for breakfast and the CL is open during the week and was available to relax in 24/7.


The dining was excellent and the dining captain (Jack) was consistent.  The GM (Wille L.) was a "Hands on" gentleman who was readily available to greet and accommodate guests.  One thing that one should be award of, if you are driving know exactly what exit to take from the "Circular" or you will get lost.  There is much shopping in the shopping center next door as well as many choices of dining.  You will find all sorts of places for all budgets!


Transportation via rail/metro is very easy from LaDefense and The C-E, is about 15 minutes by Metro and you cannot get lost.  You may want to get off at The AdT and walk down the CE.  This same line will take you directly to the Louvre and you can exit at one of the finest and most attractive Metro stops in Paris, walk into the Louvre, without having to even go outside.  You likewise, may want to take the RER to EuroDisney or Versailles, they are very easy to get to from La Defense.  If you don't have many bags, you can actually get from/to CDG via the RER.  The hotel is a short walk toward the cemetary from the actual La Defense Arch.  You will enter from the first floor or walk down the steps to the hotel lobby.


If you should have any specific questions, please feel free to contact me!  Here are some pictures of the La Defense area.


The hotel sits on the other side of La Defense Arch.  Away from the Metro stop!


My buddy from Medicine Shoppe, Mendy, poses in fron of a casual dining spot, nest door!


Cemetery view from hotel!  There is a section for US VFW's!


Enjoy your stay!