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Platinum Premiere for Life

Question asked by ronfortson on Apr 12, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by bigred

I have been a member of Marriott Rewards for about 20 years now.  For the last 8 I have achieved Platinum Premiere status, having earned about 4,000,000 points and over 1,000 qualifying nights.  In fact, after 2011 I had achieved all of the requirements to be Platinum Premiere for life.  That leads me to my question.  Each year I have gotten to Platinum Premier I have received a little packet from Marriott thanking me for my loyalty to the program.  It always had a little gift included, such as a thumb drive, leather bag tag, or some other thank you item. Nothing expensive but much appreciated.  This year after achieving the 1,000 nights and all of the accumulated points I received NOTHING, not even a thank you. And that was after spending almost six months in Marriott hotels during 2011. Just curious as to why the company is no longer recognizing those of us who achieve this type of milestone and what the rationale is?  ALL of my travel, business or pleasure, is with Marriott and it will continue to be so.  But, I was disappointed that there was no recognition of the achievement that I was very excited about.  Thank you.