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JW Marriott Desert Ridge Griffin Club... Is it worth it?

Question asked by dbereczki on Apr 11, 2012

Will be in Phoenix next week for work and girlfriend is meeting me for the weekend. Booked two nights at the Desert Ridge and am looking forward to a nice getaway.


From reading up on the resort on FlyerTalk, I learned of the Cloud Club (now Griffin Club).  It's not very evident on either of the web sites for the hotel. Any recent experiences with this? Is the lounge a place where you would want to hang out for awhile in the evening or is it just like a typical Marriott Concierge Lounge where you typically want to get in and and out? Would a couple in their early-30s enjoy it?


Seems like a decent deal for breakfast, spa access, and beverages. The pictures posted on the Desert Ridge FB page appear to be nice.  I like the idea of an outdoor patio to relax in the evening with a couple drinks. Looks like it's $100 per night.  Do they still do a discount for Plats?


Thanks for your help!