Andy Reid's Find in Chatham

Discussion created by anadyr on Apr 10, 2012

You asked for photographic proof and here it is.


I am hereby giving away the farm with this post.  If there was a way to classify these posts the entire site would be "restricted" as in the WWII caveat used in the field of Confidential Modified Handling Authorized.  Anyway the machine and it's purpose will be mentioned in the new installment currently being written (without typos I hope) as we speak.


Jasper is actually the author and I am just his front man.  Nancy (who bears a striking resemblance to Mrs. SS--and is not happy with her apparent demise) will be somehow brought back, unless Janet makes a better offer. Wait she already did as I recall?


Here are some photos of the site.ChathamESSMAglex.jpg


The first one is an aerial from the mid to late 1970's after the blast and some of the damage is fixed


The second shows part of the phony radar set that was used to make the site seem something else.


The third is current day--note that there is a constant tending of the ground and trees in an apparently vacant place on the highest point in  town.


The fourth is taken by me within the site, showing one of the massive concrete monuments that formed the underground walls, and when the explosion occurred became rubble to cover the damage.ChathamESSMA4.jpg